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Flexy Black

I have designed and made a collection of delicate feminine lace garments that were all produced using a 3D printing pen. These garments were all made of a single material: thermal polyurethane – TPU, and are made in one color -
black. I worked that way in order to emphasize the many capabilities of the 3D pen.
My project revives ancient worlds, presenting delicate and volumetric lace items, based on classic textile design imagery (flora and fauna) offering new, live and exciting interpretation of lace garments, implementing a new and fascinating technique, which involves both technology and handcraft.
The 3D printing (which is actually drawing using the 3D pen) makes the fabric itself. There are no stitches, the garment takes the body shape during the process of the drawing, and is custom-made for a specific person (no use of a layout). 

In connecting between the know visual of traditional knitted lace and the new visual of 3D drawing of the synthetic material, I believe I have introduces a new visual language, offering a wide variety of creativity. 

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