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Eden Saadon

Eden Saadon, Tel Aviv 

3D lace and Textile designer 

Born in Haifa, Israel (1990), graduate (2017, B.Des ) of Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel (textile design department).


I experimented with various techniques during my studies and chose to produce for my final graduation project a line of feminine hand-made lace undergarment items, using a single tool – a three-dimensional drawing pen.


3D printing involves the use of a 3D printing pen, sponsored by 3Doodler, the manufacturer of the first 3D printing pen ( This technique does not produce any waste, and the Flexy™ material is bio-degradable, and thus environmental-friendly.


In connecting between the known visual of traditional knitted lace and the new visual of 3D drawing of the synthetic material, I presented a new visual language, offering a wide spectrum of creative possibilities.

Finalist of the Dorothy Waxman Prize. Septmber 2017


Graduated Shenkar College. B.Des 2017.

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