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Flexy RED XL


This unique project discloses hand-made work I made using an advance technological tool – 3D printing pen. The garment was produced around a large female body dummy. The embroidery work, drawn by the 3D pen, is embedded in textiles used to drape body curves, while mimicking and emphasizing its volume.

The embroidery is formed when molten flexible plastic (TPU) – originally in a form of a rod - is discharged from the extruder head of the pen, in a predetermined width. The density of the thread and its diameter set the flexibility of the embroidery, its three-dimensional draping, and shape.
I chose red to represent independent femininity, strong and bold.

The result is a light-weight dress in bright red, emphasizing voluptuous femininity.



 The women of 2018 are strong, extrovert, fearless, rebellious. The feminine beauty ideal has various tastes and colors, and there is a sense of borders being crossed, with a place for every one. The light-weight dress in bold red was made without a pattern, and without stitches, using a 3D printing technique (3D pen).


The use of a 3D pen facilitates linking technology with hand-made work, and allowed me to produce textile incorporating volumetric and ornamental embroidery, aimed at draping and emphasizing the feminine curved body.



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